Mission Statement

Tybee Island Historical Society

The Mission of the Tybee Island Historical Society is to preserve, develop, and promote the historic resources and legacy of Tybee Island to the benefit of our community, future generations, and nation as a whole by:

Restoring, interpreting, preserving, maintaining, and effectively operating the Tybee Island Light Station, Museum, and all ancillary sites and exhibits; Collecting, preserving, storing, and exhibiting artifacts, documents, photographs, digital records, and images and other archival materials relevant to the cultural, military, maritime, and architectural heritage of Tybee Island; and working with and providing expertise to the City of Tybee Island and community organizations to preserve and promote Tybee’s historic legacy.


Historical Society Staff

Sarah Jones

Executive Director

Nicole Thompson

Director of Operations

Desiree Wood

Director of Education

Avra Mukherjee

Volunteer Coordinator

Livan Rivera

Assistant Group & Volunteer Coordinator

Kimmy Wix

Purchaser & Merchandiser

Joe Porterfield

Grounds Supervisor

Michael Poole

Preservation Specialist & Buildings Supervisor

Lindsey Peyton


Gift Shop

Pat Austin


Gift Shop

Celeste Bernstein


Gift Shop

Joanne Simpson


Gift Shop

Alice Jonsson


Gift Shop


Board of Directors

Hope Barton, President
Allen Lewis, Vice President
Raynette Evans, Secretary
Bill Blakey, Treasurer

Neca Stoller

Mimi Ferrelle

Walker Beeson

Bill Garbett

Beth Hodges

Ron Bossick

Jim Peper

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