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Visiting the Lighthouse as a group

If your are bringing a group of more than 10 people you will need a scheduled tour time. You should allow an hour and a half for the visit.

It is important you come at your scheduled time. Volunteers and staff have planned for your arrival. Please call if you are going to be late.

After Hours Tour

After hour tours are available for the Light Station by reservations only. The cost for a two hour after hour tours is $12.00 per person with a minimum of $250 to open the site. For 3 hour and 4 hour rentals please call for pricing.


There are three time periods that you may schedule a private tour: 6pm til 8pm , 7pm til 9pm , and 8pm til 10pm. If you would like the gift store to remain open for shopping an additional fee may be required.


Although the light Station is closed on Tuesday we are offering a private tour for tour companies and groups starting at 9.00AM


If you would like to make a reservation or have any questions please call Vikki at 912-786-5801.

Reservations and Cost


Group rate is $7.00 per person.


Call Desiree at (912) 786-5801


Parking is free next to the Lighthouse. Your group leader can check in at the gift shop, pay, and get wrist bands.


You can not park next to the Lighthouse. However, there is one spot outside of the Lighthouse parking lot for buses. The City will allow coach and bus parking in the North Beach Parking lot. It is required that you turn the motor off while parked. Look for the "North Beach Parking" signs. For more information call Tybee Island Parking Services at (912) 786-4573. Charges may be as high as $8 per bus or coach.

Safety and Rules

We are commiteed to preserving our site. We want to share it with generations to come. Please help us by following these rules:

  • No backpacks
  • No Gum
  • Food and drink are not allowed

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The lighthouse and catwalk are subject to closure when adverse weather conditions occur.