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The Tybee Museum was established in 1961 by The Tybee Island Museum Association. The Association is now known as The Tybee Island Historical Society, a non-profit organization which also operates The Tybee Island Light Station in addition to the Tybee Museum. The purpose of the museum was the same in 1961 as it is today - to interpret the rich history of Tybee Island.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the museum is its location in Battery Garland of Fort Screven. Battery Garland was constructed between 1898 and 1899. It was originally used to mount a huge 12 inch “non-disappearing” rifled long range cannon on top of the battery.

Within the walls of Battery Garland are seven rooms which contain artifacts and exhibits covering more than five centuries of history. Most of the lower rooms which now contain the Museum’s exhibits were originally used to store smokeless gun powder and projectiles which weighed over 700 pounds each. Battery Garland was named in honor of Colonel John Garland, Eighth Infantry, who “served with distinction in the Florida War, and died on January 5, 1861.”

Tybee Island Lighthouse and Museum
30 Meddin Ave
Tybee Island
GA 31328-9733

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